Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice – CCTV at Plug N Play Electronics

CCTV Operation:

  1. Plug N Play Electronics operates CCTV at our store location.
    This means information about what you are doing and saying within our store will be collected by Plug N Play Electronics and held by Plug N Play Electronics.
  2. Purposes of CCTV Operation:
    The purpose of collecting information is to:

    • Deter criminal activity.
    • Increase personal safety of staff and/or customers.
    • Protect Plug N Play Electronics property.
    • Assist Plug N Play Electronics to investigate customer and/or staff incidents.
    • Protect property owned by others.
    • Assist to manage Plug N Play Electronics in health and safety sensitive areas.
    • Resource allocation and maintenance.
  3. Disclosure of Information Held:
    The information collected may be disclosed to the Police and published by the Police and/or Plug N Play Electronics, if required in the circumstances.
    The information collected may be accessed by Plug N Play Electronics staff and used for the purposes in paragraph 2 above.
  4. Access to CCTV:
    Individuals identified on CCTV have the right to ask for access to footage about them, if still available we will make this available to them. The individuals can also request that information be corrected. All requests will be dealt with under the Privacy Act. Customers [and staff] who want to view footage about themselves need to sign an application form (ref. CCTV_form.pdf).
  5. Contact details:
    Any queries regarding this Privacy Notice should be directed to:The Owners
    Plug N Play Electronics
    PO Box 813
    New Plymouth